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JDRF Jelly Babies

At only $2 a pack, Jelly Babies are the sweetest way to raise awareness and funds for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research.

Get involVed today
Order a Confectionery Box (48 bags of lollies with all natural colours and flavours for $2 each) or a Merchandise and Confectionery Box (48 bags of lollies, 22 pens, 10 cure badges and 7 premium lapel pins) to sell to your family, friends and colleagues.

Why Jelly Babies?
People with T1D usually travel with a ‘hypo kit’ that supplies an emergency source of sugar if their BGL (blood glucose level) drops dangerously low. For most people a hypo kit usually includes a few lollies. Low blood glucose can be life-threatening if left untreated, so Jelly Babies can be a lifesaver. In the stressful moments of a hypo, the friendly jelly faces can also help to calm the children that live with this chronic disease.

Jelly Babies raises over $300,000 with the funds raised supporting Australian T1D research projects.

Help deliver a better future for kids and adults with T1D by ordering Jelly Babies today.

 Kerri Brown on 29th April 2015

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