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This page is intended to give answers to questions i often get, or it gives more information on elements which i think were important to highlight.

Animated badges and shadows

Animated images are always of type "GIF". This image type has limitations. A gif can consist out of multiple frames. Just like a movie, which are basically a lot of pictures put behind eachother.

With a gif, each individual frame can have up to 256 colors. However, it can also contain a transparent color.
So one pixel of the image can have a color, or is transparent. There is no 'semi-transparency' with gif images. (Like PNG images have semi-transparency).

As a shadow of the badge is semi-transparent, it is impossible to have it correctly on an animated badge!.

I can imagine you anyway want to have a shadow around your animated Badge/Button, Heart or Ribbon. Therefor i let you choose to create a background color for your animated image, so you can have a shadow effect!.

Background examples animated images.

Notice no shadow and the rough edges!

Notice shadow and smooth edges

With a WHITE background you get also nice result